Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but vertical stripes are a girl’s right hand man

Ohhh vertical stripes, the forgiving pattern that elongates and slims! This is the pattern that you MUST, I mean MUST have in your closet. The long stripes bring viewers’ eyes up and down rather than across, emphasizing your height rather than your waistline. If you are a short girl like me, take advantage of the vertically striped garments that are a little too long by pairing them with your tallest heels. This trick will make you appear decently taller than you really are. 

How lucky are we that jumpsuits are in right now!? The striped jumpsuits allow the vertical stripes to not just cover your legs or upper body, but both. An even more impacting illusion is created that allows you to look taller and slimmer, whether the piece is form fitting or loose and flowing. I found these two jumpsuits at TJMaxx! They were under $25, which is a steal! 

Jumpsuits might be more of a warmer weather piece, but you can pair them with thick cardigans and chic blazers. Styling them this way will give you the chance to utilize the stripes during colder months and during more conservative events. In the above picture, I wore this to a date night around town, while the below picture is how I styled a jumpsuit to make it work appropriate. I have one more tighter fitting jumpsuit that I adore; unforunately, I have not been able to get a decent picture in it. I have even worn that one to a wedding!

Here are a few links to similar jumpsuits! All on the TJMaxx website!