Hello! My name is Olivia Pyanoe (I will go ahead and tell that my last name is pronounced “piano” because I know you’re wondering)! I recently graduated Randolph – Macon College with a degree in Arts Management and minors in Art History and Psychology.  I currently reside Staunton, Virginia. A little artsy town hidden in the forests of the Shenandoah Valley.    

While I value and admire the academic arts such as painting and sculpture, my favorite forms of art are fashion and make-up, and these have been my creative outlets since high school. I also spend a ton of time researching and practicing good health regimens. I have had enough people reach out to me for fashion and make-up advice as well as fitness and food advice that I wanted to create a space for anyone to access this information.

I named this blog “The Art of Walking In Heels” for a number of reasons.
1)     I am short! I am actually only 4ft 11in…meaning that I spend a copious amount of time in heels! If you are short, you will find loads of my tips and tricks in my posts! I feel that we short women are very underrepresented in the fashion industry, and I hope to be a voice for us. We may be limited to the juniors sections of stores, but this does not mean we cannot feels sexy, mature, and womanly.
2)     Confidence. It takes confidence to walk in heels. It takes confidence to try new things in fashion. My dad, who is a shorter man, always told me, it is not how tall you are physically but how tall you are in your heart. With confidence, you can walk as tall as you want. I want to encourage others to think of themselves in this way and to find the confidence that might be hidden inside.
3)     Walking in heels can be difficult, especially for long periods of time. It takes perseverance and grit to endure the pain and make it to your destination. Now, this might be a stretch, but I am using this aspect of “walking in heels” to discuss inspiring themes as well as to incorporate health and fitness in some of my posts. Let’s be real… the more in shape your calves are, the more likely you’re going to make it a day in heels!
4)      Shoes, in general, hold significance to many of us. Whether we wore them to a special event, they made it through a challenge with us, or they aided us in our wanderings to foreign soil, shoes can have sentimental value. This theory had directed me to include posts about travel and challenge in this blog as well.

As you can see, “The Art Of Walking In Heels” is not confined to strict skill and subject, but can apply to many aspects of life. So, jump on and follow me along for the journey! I hope you learn and gain insights along the way!