How To Clean Up An Oil Spill…On Your Face: Dealing With Greasy Skin

There’s nothing worse than looking into the mirror when making a bathroom run on a date only to notice the sheen of oily shine across your face. If you struggle with greasy skin, Girl I am right there with you! I have tested and I have struggled to find make-up products that last all day and stand up to that gross, pesky oil. I have put together some of my tips, tricks, and products to aid you in your skincare and make-up journey! Below is a good representation of my skin completely natural. The next picture will show you how my skin looks with make-up. It is not magic… I wouldn’t even say it is talent. It is trial and error to find the right products! 

Go ahead, cringe all you want. This is my skin without make-up.

My usual daily make-up look.

But before we get into the nitty – gritty of how to control oil first… some encouragement! If there is ever a time to have oily skin, it is now! The “Highlight” trend is upon us, and it is a Godsend! The shimmery cream or powder is brushed along the cheek and nose areas… where many of us experience the most oil. I cannot tell you how many times I have been approached by other women who compliment my “highlighter,” when it has simply just been the oil from my skin! 

Now that I’ve given you some positivity about your skin, and you know I really do struggle alongside you, I will share with you what I do to deal with my greasy skin. Even though it might not be considered as bad as it once was by society,  I still understand that it can be embarrassing and annoying

1) Moisturize

You have most likely heard this a million times, but it is the truth. If you dehydrate your skin, it will produce excess oil. I apply moisturizer right after washing my face in the morning and before I go to bed.  Applying it before your make-up will make your face a smooth, blendable canvas. My favorite moisturizer is Cetaphil Pro Dermacontrol Oil Absorbing Moisturizer. As a bonus there is also sunscreen in the formula! Anything to prevent wrinkles, am I right? 

2) Pick The Right Bases (Primer and Foundation)

There are so many make-up brands that claim to “mattify” and hold up to oil. A quick tip: none of them will 100% get rid of your oily skin. At some point, you will have to touch up. However, some products are better than others. 

When it comes to oily skin, Urban Decay is my go-to brand. Time and time again, their products have trumped other brands in my experience. I currently use their Deslick primer and All Nighter foundation. While I LOVE this brand, there are a few things you must know. First, you have to press the primer into your face instead of rubbing. I found this makes it harder to apply my foundation because it dries quickly and is thicker in some places than others. If you want a soother primer, use Lorac or one of the Smashbox primers. I have had positive experiences from both these brands! Second, the foundation is thick because it is full coverage. I prefer full coverage because it covers any discoloration as well as acne. I have not found a brand that compares to this coverage while reducing the appearance of oil. The colors of this foundation are a bit odd, so I would advise asking one of the make-up artists at Sephora or Ulta to help match your skin to a foundation shade. I found that it is best to blend with a damp beauty blender when applying this foundation.

3) Set Your Foundation (Powder)

 If you have greasy skin, you know a liquid foundation will just not cut it, yet powder doesn’t cover your blemishes quite like liquid foundation can. For this reason, I use both to perfect my look. I am a huge fan of pressed powder. Pressed powder comes in skin tone colors, so it can even out the color of liquid foundation that might be a little different than your natural tone. I also find pressed powder to give me a more airbrushed look. Some people find this when they use translucent, loose powder to “bake” his or her face. If this works for you, then, by all means, keep doing it! I have large pores, so I find that “baking” usually emphasizes that. It also tends to leave my face looking cakey and washed out in the areas that I applied the loose powder. Even though I wear a decent amount of make-up, I like my natural skin color to show instead of bending to the ultra pale under – eye trend. Recently, I have been using Revlon’s Photoready Face Powder.  

4) Set Your Make-Up… Again (Setting Spray)

Greasy skin means you need extra weapons! Setting spray is a must if you want your hard work to last. It locks your make-up in and holds up against oil for a longer duration. I have found that not all setting sprays are made equal. If you have skin like me, you absolutely cannot go wrong with (once again) Urban Decay‘s setting sprays. They have two: De-slick and All Nighter. Some claim that All Nighter works better, but I had a similar experience with both. These are my favorite setting sprays to use. Now, if you want to test out setting spray or you haven’t used it before and want a cheaper one to use first, I would recommend Hard Candy’s Matte Sheer Envy setting spray. It’s cheap, and you can find it at Walmart. The nearest quality make-up store to me is 30 minutes away, and I don’t always have time in the week to drive there, or I wait too long before ordering only to find myself panicking to find what I need… Hence, why I can tell you what cheap Walmart/Drugstore products work! 

Side Note: When you are looking for setting spray, make sure it states “mattifying” on the bottle! There are many different sprays for different skin types. Some are made for people with dry skin or to give you a dewy look. With having greasy skin, we get a natural dewy look, any more will make us look wet!

5) The Hard Truth About Touch Ups

I mentioned this earlier, and I will reiterate it again. You will have to touch up your make-up. Maybe not if you are only wearing it for a few hours, but all-day wear calls for touch-ups. Oil from your skin will somehow find a way to seep out. The key is to be able to touch-up effectively and without ruining the make-up you already have on. 

Now, I can confess that I have dabbed my face with the closest napkin/receipt/piece of paper to get rid of the shine as if my face was literally a greasy piece of pizza. This isn’t the absolute worst solution, but it is definitely not an effective one! Usually, after I dab I apply a thick layer of powder. If I am not using the best primer/foundation/setting spray combination, this will make me look cakey. Instead, I highly recommend investing in the Stay Matte Universal Blotting Powder by Clinique. It is pricier, but 100% worth the money. It will last you FOREVER! It does not leave any white color behind and does a magnificent job of soaking up oil. It takes only seconds to pull it out and blot it over your problem areas. I trust it so much as to apply it to the areas I know I tend to get oily without a mirror. 

I hope all of this information has helped in your skin journey! Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to products. This is just what I do for mine! Please let me know if you have found this helpful or if you have liked the products I recommended! Thank you so much for reading!

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Hello! My name is Olivia Pyanoe (I will go ahead and tell that my last name is pronounced "piano" because I know you're wondering)! I recently graduated Randolph - Macon College with a degree in Arts Management and minors in Art History and Psychology. My favorite forms of art are fashion and make-up, and I these have been my creative outlets since high school. I have had enough people reach out to me for fashion and make-up advice that I wanted to create a space for anyone to access this information. I named this blog "The Art of Walking In Heels" for a number of reasons. 1) I am short! I am actually only 4ft 11in...meaning that I spend a copious amount of time in heels! If you are short, you will find loads of my tips and tricks in my posts! I feel that we short women are very underrepresented in the fashion industry, and I hope to be a voice for us. We may be limited to the juniors sections of stores, but this does not mean we cannot feels sexy, mature, and womanly. 2) Confidence. It takes confidence to walk in heels. It takes confidence to try new things in fashion. My dad, who is a shorter man, always told me, i is not how tall you are physically but how tall you are in your heart. With confidence, you can walk as tall as you want. I want to encourage others to think of themselves in this way and to find the confidence that might be hidden inside. 3)Walking in heels can be difficult, especially for long periods of time. It takes perseverance and grit to endure the pain and make it to your destination. Now, this might be a stretch, but I am using this aspect of "walking in heels" to discuss inspiring themes as well as to incorporate health and fitness in some of my posts. Let's be real... the more in shape your calves are, the more likely you're going to make it a day in heels! 4) Shoes, in general, hold significance to many of us. Whether we wore them to a special event, they made it through a challenge with us, or aided us in our wanderings to foreign soil, shoes can have sentimental value. This theory had directed me to include posts about travel and challenge in this blog as well. As you can see, "The Art Of Walking In Heels" is not confined to strict skill and subject, but can apply to many aspects of life. So, jump on and follow me along for the journey! I hope you learn and gain insights along the way!

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